Indoor Shooting Range

Custom Defense offers local gun permit classes for you. Get your handgun carry permit as quickly as possible, call now!

A basic safety course is required by the state of Tennessee to apply for and obtain your Handgun Carry Permit. This is the class you need to take as the first step to obtaining your Handgun Carry Permit for TN.

Building on state-mandated material, we will help you build a solid foundation of fundametals for all gun owners.

Some of the items we will review include:

  • Ammunition types
  • Holster and carrying options
  • Firearm Safety
  • Weapon Manipulation and presentation

There is a required written examination involving the class-related material, as well as a shooting qualification. Passing grades in both are required.

Pre-Registration Required for all gun permit classes. Please call now for availability and pricing information. 615-206-0075.


We offer an indoor range, gun permit classes, and customizing and gunsmithing of tactical shotguns, AR15's, and 1911 handguns that will impress.