Gun Repair

If you are looking for an expert gunworks / gunsmithing shop, you have found it! Master gunsmith Sam Hoster has decades of experience
repairing and customizing all types of guns, including 1911's, AR-15's, Blackwidow AR Rifles, Shorty AR Rifles, Tactical Shotguns and more.

We offer full service gunsmithing including accurizing, bluing, stock work, cleaning, repairs and restoration, as well as scope mounting and bore sighting.

We can also help with many other gun repair needs, including:  
  • Pistol Repair
  • Rifle & Shotgun Repair
  • Custom 1911's
  • Custom AR's
  • Custom Rifles
  • Custom Tactical Shotguns
  • Custom Long Range Rifles
  • Scope Installation
  • Barrel Threading
  • Recoil Pad installations
  • Cerakote Finishes
  • Bluing
  • Parkerizeing
  • Niter (Fire) Bluing
  • Colar Case Hardening

Call Custom Defense, LLC. for all of your Nashville and Middle Tennessee gun repair needs.