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Tactical Shotguns

Let Custom Defense, LLC. customize your tactical shotgun today.

A customized tactical shotgun will afford you the most when you need it.

Home Defense * Military * Law Enforcement * Private Security * Sport Shooting

Our goal is to maintain guns in safe top condition, maximizing their potential. We do it all- including stock work, smithing, metal work, accurizing, service work, installations all done by our expert gunsmiths.

In situations where tactical matters, don't settle for the ordinary, go for the extraordinary.

Our commitment to you is comprehensive firearm cleaning, maintenance and repairs provided by our expert onsite gunsmith.

Whether you are looking for a custom grip, custom site, or any other custom gun modification, please give us a call today.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a firearm that surpasses the market standards in accuracy, reliability and craftsmanship, each and every time.

Tactical Shotguns